Commercial Detection Add-on for Digital Signage

Turn cable TV into tailored digital signage

without detracting from the main event.

Integrate Commercial Detection into your Digital Signage

Robust Features

  • Commercial Replacement

    Our patented technology can replace the commercials on the TVs in your venue with your own content. Think of it as changing the channel every time a commercial break plays, but we do it for you remotely.

  • Custom Content

    Create a wide range of content that engages, informs and influences your customers. Whether you build the content yourself or lean on DCBolt to assist you, you’ll take your point-of-purchase marketing to the next level.

  • Enhanced Experience

    Deliver entertaining content that engages, and promotional content that is immediately relevant to the customer’s experience. Send the right message at the right time to influence purchase decisions and drive sales.

  • Advanced Communication

    Commercial Detection combined with our digital signage suite of services is an incredibly powerful in-venue marketing tool providing you with a 2-for-1 digital signage and live tv solution. We turn the displays your customers are already watching into advanced communication vehicles that deliver targeted, point-of-purchase content and branding impressions. 

  • Social Media Integration

    Leverage your social media content to display live feeds from your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Vimeo in place of irrelevant commercials. Stream posts that follow a specific hashtag to create a beautiful, live social media wall, or display weather, news, or other infotainment content tailored to your location, your message and your customers.

Average Recapture Rates per Display

  • 120


  • 1440


  • 9600


  • 115,200


Rates based on 12 hours of Commercial Monitoring per day, per display

Performance Enhancing Technology

  • Complete Flexibility

    Our clients have complete autonomy with regard to how they program their portion of the commercial break. They can showcase a wide variety of content or focus on one area. It’s totally up to them.

  • Content Options

    While DCBolt can provide custom branded content options and dynamic feeds for an additional fee, our clients may choose to create their own content. Either way, adding content to the Commercial Detection system is an easy and simple process to master.

  • Metrics per Monitored Channel

    • 120 Average Recaptured Hours / Month

    • 1440 Average Recaptured Hours / Year

    • 9600 Average :15 Second Spots / Month

    • 115,200 Average :15 Second Spots / Year

  • Unlimited Reach

    The more venues a client has, the more powerful the platform. In fact, they can essentially create their own unwired network across an unlimited number of venue locations.

  • Operational Efficiency

    The Commercial Detection solution switches between video sources with great efficiency. In fact, the accuracy rate for switching on time is virtually perfect, ensuring our clients can focus on maximizing revenues while never missing a moment of the big game or live event.

  • Actionable Intelligence

    Because Commercial Detection is so effective at reaching customers in-venue, our clients marketing campaigns become more efficient. Consequently, the analytical data they pull from their in-venue campaigns becomes much more useful and actionable.

  • Seamless Installation

    We work with a network of more than 900 A/V experts to ensure installation of the Commercial Detection product is professional and painless for our clients. In addition, the Commercial Detection hardware requires a very small footprint.

  • Sales Driver

    The Commercial Detection platform is a game-changer for any venue looking to grow their food and beverage sales. Why? Because they’re able to speak to their customers through the televisions they’re already watching. That makes for an incredibly effective marketing tool.

Easy Implementation

  • Simple Requirements

    • Internet Connection

    • Direct TV Service

    • TVs / Displays (can be provided by DCBolt)

    • Media Player (provided by DCBolt)

    • Software Licensing (provided by DCBolt)

  • Remote Support

    Real-time live remote assistance walks person familiar with venue, internet and Direct TV through a complete install to operation.

  • Revenue Generation

    Revenue generation possible, based on scale and availability of commercial break time for external sponsorship.

Simplified Pricing

Our pricing structure is based on an annual per-display license fee and the number of commercial monitoring hours (hours per channel) However, pricing can vary based on total locations, as well as a few other factors that we’re happy to discuss at your convenience.